Developmental and Regenerative Medicine Division

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Overview of research program

Recent advances in stem cell research offer the potential for use of cellular therapies for treatment of a range of serious degenerative diseases. Stem cells may also offer new strategies for disease modeling for the testing and development of new drugs and for studying the cellular basis for many diseases. Laboratories within the group investigate embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells, as well as a range of adult stem cells. These are used to investigate cardiac, neurological and hematological diseases, as well as cancer and diabetes. In conjunction with these clinically directed investigations, basic studies on the patterns gene expression and cellular signaling required for the development of normal stem cell populations are an important part of the Group’s work.

The Group provides core facilities for stem cell propagation and management together with a state-of-the art cellular sorting and analysis facilities. Laboratory facilities covering the range of techniques required for modern regenerative medicine exist across the Group. The Group provides a collaborative environment to foster basic and translational research within this exciting new field. Members of the Group are affiliated with the Sydney Centre for Developmental and Regenerative Medicine.